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Monday, 1 October 2012

Hug of the day for loveliness

Though I suspect aunt A is being childish with the eyeshadow and will either forget to give it to me until she's tried it first or forget to give it to me altogether, in spite of my asking "have you had a chance to look at the gifts?", I won't write about it here and now. I have lovelier things to talk about, like SmTn.

He wrote. I'm not through reading his e-mail yet. I just had to stop to write about it. Because it's that wonderful. Because he's that amazing. He saw the 25th anniversary special of The Phantom of the Opera and said it's probably the most beautiful and capturing singing he's ever heard. Did you read that? Go back and read it again. Go back again now, until it really sinks in. I could have kissed him when he knew it was Heath Ledger who wore the same jacket as Rick Perry in the anti-gay ad. Right now I could hug him and not let go for hours.

The man would be a very high ranking officer if the medals I give him in my mind were worth anything. 

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