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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ha! But also? Fuck!

A quick one, I've got shit to do (read: homework, because I may have spent 3-4 hours last night talking to SmTn and way too  long writing an easy lab report). 

MrInteresting? EBF had a point, he might want to bump uglies with me. The thought first occurred to me during class when he quite distinctly turned and gave me a quick glance. It just may be that I gave him one too when he first sat down. I would leave at that but he made sure to catch up with me as I got out of the classroom, saying "thank you" when I held the door for him. I mostly whispered a polite "you're welcome" and as soon as we were out he stopped wasting time and just started talking: which other classes are we in together? Which led to a conversation where I found out he's studied a fair bit (at least 5 years), worked some and travelled quite a lot. Still don't know his name, but I was right about the one I gave him here. I'm a little proud of myself.

As for the Fuck! part? Well, he mentioned that the application deadline for the university I want to transfer to was yesterday. And, of course, I haven't quite finished sending everything I had to send. 'Twas a bittersweet moment of victory (finally being able to talk to him, which was nice enough) and defeat (knowing I fucked up my life for next semester).

That is all.

No, it isn't: associated soundtrack is "Helplessness blues" by Fleet Foxes.

[day after edit:]
An e-mail back and forth? I probably couldn't transfer next semester even if I'd managed to send what I have on time. I still have to complete my classes from this semester and possibly another one before I can get transcripts from those to send along with my admission. Means I might not see MrInteresting next semester if he transfers and I don't. Don't know why I'd worry.

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