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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Explosions and vampires

I had at least three noteworthy dreams last night.

In one, I was travelling back and it had all happened all of a sudden, so I wasn't even sure my papers were in order.

In another (and I'm having trouble choosing because it's as if I were giving whichever dream comes up last more importance) there was a vampire gone wild and he had to be stopped. To stop him, even one elder vampire was trying to help (which is actually a little doubtful, as he was the sort of character who is always on his own side). I'm now having trouble remembering anything more about this dream.

On to the last dream. Apparently, there was a profession for people who ran away from an explosion. A particular woman who lived by it (maybe me, maybe someone else) ran from a real-life explosion and started feeling guilty about all the people who ran behind her, thinking she was supposed to take the hit for them because that was part of her job description. She couldn't run back, though, so she just kept on running. Like I said, I don't know if I was her or not, but I know I was myself when I ran uphill with a group of people that included LesMisGuy. We avoided each other a little, but I distinctly remember him asking me to look down and say what I could see. I could see a big coliseum filled with murky water. I said I couldn't see much because the water was murky. The group insisted on someone else taking a look. I pointed out we should have opened some doors to let the water out as we ran uphill, like we'd done "last time." There had just been no time, it seems. I think that's all for this dream.

Now, I suppose this last dream is a little more important. Not so much because I was dreaming of LesMisGuy per se, but because of what it means to dream of him now. New guy comes into my life, and walks in making way for himself from the looks of it. He's not hesitant. He's actively showing interest. You may already know I'm talking about MrInteresting and you'll now know I've guessed his first name might be the same as my 4th grade teacher's (there's a fairly strong similarity deep behind both, if I remember correctly). I've sort of wondered what it would be like if it turned out he fancies me and whether or not I'd like to be with him or not. I know that the first thing I thought when I noticed him glancing my way in statistics class was "Oh, no! Not again! This is exactly how it was with LesMisGuy!" and I had to talk myself out of it reasoning they're not the least bit alike and I was having crazy thoughts. 

Now that I'm thinking "Perhaps it could be nice, even though I haven't had time to talk myself into fancying him like I did LesMisGuy" I suddenly have a dream about LesMisGuy. I can't help feeling that this is my unconscious way to tell myself "Whatever happened to LesMisGuy? Wasn't it him we had a massive crush on? Do you not remember? Here!"

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