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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dame ogle-the-tiniest-bit

I have a small confession to make. I was a half hour early for class (and about 30min late getting out of the car aunt A was in, talking about tragedies), so I sat down in one of the tables by the statistics classroom. MrInteresting showed up, also somewhat early. He approached me, asked if I'd studied and settled down in a chair in front of me. We talked until it was time to go. We then talked a tiny bit more when he got out of the exam. The note-worthy part in all this is that at some point he bent his arms behind his head and I ogled his arms. Silly as it sounds. I did. 

He's not a big guy. I initially thought he was a little shorter than me, even (I think he's about my height). He's on the stick-figure side of the spectrum, with a somewhat muscular build. That' s why I was surprised by biceps the size of grapefruits. I even stopped to think "he's married, get that silly thought out of your head."

I imagine this is what some men might feel like when they ogle women. I felt horribly guilty about the whole thing.

For the record: what we talk about has been restricted almost in its entirety to school. Though there's plenty flirty in his behaviour there's nothing more to it than friendly chit-chat. I'm over the stupid-thoughts phase (remember SmTn and dead Santa?). I will do my best to be reasonable about this whole thing and go on thinking he's just being friendly even when he comes across as flirty. 

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