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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cinderella (there's a theme)

Haven't written an e-mail for SmTn yet. Haven't really done any homework yet (except for that online lab nonsense). And I haven't filled in the brand new college application I need yet.

On Friday I woke up relatively early and got to work: I cleaned the fridge, did the laundry, mopped the garage, and cleaned the cat's litter box. All before noon. I was in full 1950s housewife mode. A few days before that I'd cleaned the microwave oven. Twice. Once with a little chlorine and a full disassembly to get every last bit of dirt out of it. (Because the day after I cleaned it aunt A heated pasta with tomato sauce and tuna and it splattered all over it). The microwave is again dirty and smelly. Aunt A's new pair of like-a-glove pants were  ruined in the washing machine even though I followed directions to wash it in the machine with cold water (turns out I missed "gentle cycle"). I spent all day yesterday sewing it back together. As soon as she got home aunt A tried to get something from the fridge and spilled oatmeal drink all over the first level. After I'd just cleaned it. The garage or whereabouts is again smelly, though I can't tell if it's the garage or someplace else by the washing machine and dryer.

I was a little upset when uncle A asked if I'd gotten around to reading the driving manual. Or the book BCN suggested I read about getting into college. When was I supposed to get around to it? When?!

Aunt MT pointed out that aunt A said nothing about how I'd done the laundry and "took credit for it." I wouldn't have bothered taking credit, but she sort of has a point. The most I get is a "thank you" and "let me get that dirty again for you," which pretty much cancels out the "thank you." Wouldn't you agree?

I'm like a house elf or a brownie.

Turns out aunt A's pants had ripped before I put them in the washing machine. She would have sewn it herself if I hadn't. I'm not sure what exactly she would have sewn. I'm still positive the machine made them a lot worse, but if they were torn beforehand it would explain why they were so ruined when I got them out. I'm hoping the'll be pretty much indestructible now. Aunt MT said the stitches I was using were too much work, but would be hard to undo. It was a lot of work, but I wouldn't have known how else to do it.  

On another note, I spoke with my sister yesterday. She asked if I'd been out with BCM and the others to the amusement park. As had been mentioned before. I'm quite sure I didn't make up the story about being asked if I'd like to come with to the Halloween special. Not a word was said about it last night, though, so I assumed (correctly) that I wasn't going after all. This would fall under "things I would like but don't exactly have a right to" category.

In unrelated news, a couple of days ago I had a dream that included both EBF and LesMisGuy. I don't know what happened in the dream, but I'm fairy sure they met or at least spoke with one another in the dream. All day yesterday and Friday I couldn't get LesMisGuy out of my head. The sudden memories of kissing him were a bit too vivid and too frequent. 

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