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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Catching up, are we?

So, er... I'm a bit too nice and non-confrontational for my own good, it turns out. Well, we'll see how it turns out, but I doubt that statement will have me buying a hat to eat. 

I spoke with MrInteresting today, if only briefly, before today's class began. He was almost too eager to talk to me. It almost seemed as if he'd been thinking "I've got this!". I was calm and a little distant. When we got out of class I was in a hurry to pee but he timed his exit with mine so I said I preferred being early for the next class. You know what he said? He implied I can shoo him away any time because he's walking me to class, interrupting me when I'm trying to do homework and everything. And I let him. Now I know I'm in some non negligible amount of trouble because he actually feels there's a certain level of familiarity I can't dismiss by suddenly not talking to him any more. 

And just how do you go about telling a man like him that I'm on to how full of it he is? Just how do I tell him "Remember everything you told me? Well, it wasn't so hard to see it was all a very elaborate lie and I'm now a little afraid of you. Do you mind?"

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