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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

An outdated surprise

I had at least two dreams last night.

One was about a couple (man and woman) where the woman was rich and was ashamed to be seen with the man. She challenged him, telling him his last name was enough of an indicator of his social status, and had him hide and sneak to be with her. They broke into the building she lived in through a gate in the parking lot and had a lot of guards following them, only just missing them. The guards attributed the alarm going off to the woman's dog, who was apparently known for being troublesome.

The other dream had me and a boy from school1 (the one we almost dressed up as a lime) talking. For some reason, he'd been keeping something D meant to give me and had only just by chance run into it. The something was a little stuffed owl. It was kind of cute. I know I stopped to think it would have been a very sweet gesture had I gotten it from D. I didn't know what to feel, though. I suppose it couldn't have meant much so late. I suppose I wanted to think it was worth more than it actually was. Me and this boy (well, young man, if you will) started talking about me and D and somehow, he assumed it was I who broke up with D. As we talked a little more it became clearer and clearer that D was a jerk and had been horrible to me. This boy almost pitied me. I still don't know what to make of all this.

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