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Sunday, 23 September 2012

You know I think about it too much because I'm still thinking about it

Last night I had a dream about a blonde girl in her teens who had some sort of medical condition that made her feel much more comfortable in water than out of it. So, she didn't have a room in her house: she had a whole (big) pool for herself and she'd spend her time there. I stopped to wonder just how much you can do in a pool without getting bored, but this girl lived for it.

On another subject, a thought has been bothering me. Of course, it's LesMisGuy. Again. Or shall I say, still. Here it is: he technically did nothing wrong. He talked when I talked. He said yes, just "maybe some other time." It was rather a matter of what he didn't do. It was the silence. I took his silence to mean "I'm just not that interested" and let the thought of us together crumble over the weight of how great it seemed in my mind and then the fantasy rubble crushed me. He didn't do anything wrong. Could it be that I  did something wrong? What was it? Was I supposed to insist again? Was there something I failed to do or say?

I really should stop myself short right there. I'm going to go mad.

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