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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Like break-dancing, but sexier

serves me right for not being able to stopp thinking of LesMisGuy last night. I had a dream about him. Really, it was more of a dream about us. Him and me, as a couple. We were, well... I'm not sure how to put it. I might as well mention, I'm sure it must mean something, that he was wearing dark read red (I only left the first one because it sort of makes sense on him).  On to it. We were having what I can only describe as a very long body caress. We would flow around each other, sliding on the floor, contorting ourselves around a chair/table/other piece of furniture without ever losing contact. I actually stopped to think it was a little like break-dancing in my dream, except very soft. It was one very long continuous motion of a very soft, very sweet caress of one body touching another. It was like a full body version of what it was like kissing him. It was amazing. I stopped to wonder why we hadn't kissed, so I kissed him. But he got an erection, which was apparently out of the question, and stopped to wait for it to go away. I hugged him and he said I wasn't helping because even that turned him on. I let go for a bit and then we went back to where we were, flowing around each other. 

I suppose water molecules might do that if only two of them were left to their own devices. Maybe. Don't quote me on that, it's a horrible analogy, and yet water molecules do form very weak bonds with one another, small parts at a time, while in continuous flow... Perhaps if water molecules weren't so "promiscuous" and two decided to dance around each other, ignoring the rest... 

Never mind that.

I had another dream where I was at an audition for a film. I knew beforehand that the film would be famous, and that so would the lead. I sort of knew the lead in the audition and looked forward to being able to say I'd seen him audition. It might have been someone like Darren Criss, but maybe not. I'm not sure if this was the same film as some live stage presentation that ended with an actor sneaking out of the stage, running in through the front door of the establishment (which had put out the lights to centre the action on the stage) and got shot. It was a shock to the audience, but every last second of it had been rehearsed. Odd.

That will be all, I think.

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