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Thursday, 27 September 2012

In the name of rock n' roll but not really

As I tried to send in this week's biology review and tests (again, almost late) a thought suddenly struck me: it was the hug. 

I'm not leaving you in suspense like that, it's distasteful. But I might as well attempt to say "I'm still thinking of LesMisGuy" in a more interesting way. Case at hand? I suddenly remembered how I wrapped my arms around him and nested my head between his neck and his shoulder. It occurred to me that I crossed the line. Some line. I tried to argue back "he was going to finger me" and I reckon that the hug might have been more intimate if he'd been into it (well, fuck me running, like they say: I can't for the life of me remember). *sigh*

Suffice it to say, on that subject, that I stopped to slap myself a few times after the fact and still (of course) feel like shit thinking about it.

Can't say it had anything to do with my choice of activity for tonight. When I was done with everything academic I played around for a bit and settled for watching Stand By Me, a suggestion of SmTn's. You see, last time we talked (a week ago) he mentioned the film because he sent me a link to a rock n' roll song and I told him I'd have to get started on a playlist. One thing led to another and Ben E. King led to this film. I can see why he likes it. It has everything And a River runs through it had (except for the fishing). The comradeship (huh, so that's a word... and here I thought it was called comradery) is there, the natural settings are there, the deep character is there. Can't say I'm a fan myself, but major props to the fact that it's based on a Stephen King novel. 

I feel like I have to confess that I wondered for a bit too long if SmTn was anything like Chris when he was little and then I couldn't remember if he mentioned having siblings. It won't be a secret when I state my adoration of the fact that him liking Stand By Me and Amélie aren't mutually exclusive events. Oh, the nerd in me

A little desperate for human contact, I've made a new acquaintance who either happens to be a lot more interesting than anyone I've run into so far or is really very scary in how he came up with the persona he shows me. Just a random guy from an online drawing game. Calling him Drawer could work out just fine, so that's what I'm going with. Drawer had no problem mentioning gay friends, or even one of said friends' ex flirting with him. I sighed a sigh of relief when I read that and was glad to hear him talk about musicals like Les Miserables. We actually had a fairly decent conversation yesterday, the likes of which I can hardly remember anymore. Part of the conversation wandered into the as yet unmentioned (I think) sadness I get when things go missing (especially old things) and when trees are cut down. It was just a refreshing conversation. Haven't heard back from AOB in a bit. Haven't seen EBF online since forever and am feeling like a true cavewoman and a hermit. 

I just had to:

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