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Monday, 24 September 2012

I can't take a compliment

Biology lab today. Hadn't bothered mentioning him until now, but there's one half-interesting looking young man in my statistics and biology classes. You could say he's the person I see most often in college, in more than one way. On the one hand he's the only one in three out of the four classes I'm taking. On the other, he's half-interesting looking so I'll admit I let my eyes wander his way often enough.

Truth is, at first he reminded me of LesMisGuy. I would have written a post about a vivid fantasy day dream I had where I go to summer school next year and LesmisGuy and SmTn are both there and LesMisGuy greets me with a peck on the lips and I tell him to have a cup of coffee with me later and spend the bus ride with SmTn, if for no other reason other than he'd make a great human pillow. Instead, I just had to write about this new guy, who we'll call... MrInteresting? Sirinteresting? Sounds like syringe. MrInteresting it is.

I work in the lab with three other wmen because that's where I sat the first time and it's nice enough that I won't bothere switching. Behind me were the samples. As I poured some yeast solution into a measuring cylinder he stood behind me waiting and watched me pour. When I was done, he said "steady hand" and meant it as a compliment.  

I. freaked. the. fuck. out.

Just a meaningless everyday sort of thing, right? If anything, it's a great ice breaker and it should have been a nicce way to start a conversation with him. Goodness knows I could use someone to talk to and interact with and he looks about right for the part. If I were to exaggerate extrapolate a bit, we could make argument that it was a form of flirting. Want to know what I did?

I fumbled, smiled nervously and went back to my seat as quickly as I could. I could have at least mumbled a polite "thanks" but  I didn't. He startled me but I could have said something, you know. I could have been nicer. What short-circuited me was the compliment. If he'd said anything else I'm sure I would have talked (if only a little bit). I'm terrible with compliments. I can't take one.

So there. An elaborate post about nothing truly post-worthy (except pretty much nothing in this blog ever is). An elaborate post about something I've already written about. An elaborate post about the guy who reminds me of LesMisGuy to focus on anything other than LesMisGuy to write about. 

What is the matter with me?!

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