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Saturday, 22 September 2012


Failed to mention I had a dream where aunt A and I went to a magical resort where they sold gillyweed by the fancy glass vase and pretty coloured bonbon-shaped doses. It was somehow underwater and we were supposed to just breathe water, like you do. Aunt A and I were trying to set apart a little house for just the two of us while making reservations for two larger houses for others to stay in. I know not who these others were.

I, uh... LesMisGuy. Still in my mind. That's all I wanted to say, but now I have to elaborate. We were out for lunch with LC4. At one point to call for attention he held my cousin's chin in his hand and gently turned his head to him (and the game he was playing). I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the pronouns in the last sentence. I won't re-write it. I was stuck remembering LesMisGuy gently...

Here I am, trying to think of a nice way to say he put his fingers under my chin and turned my head to kiss me and the feelings just overwhelm me.

Imagine being at the beach, enjoying a small wave coming your way only to have a big wave crush violently on you, leaving you covered in sand and guck (spellchecker refuses to admit this as a word, I'm coining it). There I was, remembering something that was glorious and almost too perfect when I suddenly feel like shit and can't stop it. 

That will be all. I need to sleep.

Wait, one last thing: fuck Blogger. I liked the old interface better. 

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