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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Like it ain't no thang

I finally got my diploma on Tuesday. You'd think it would be post-worthy and I would have stopped some time after I got back to write about it, but I didn't. I arranged to meet A, who had asked we meet so she could pay back the money she borrowed when we were out drinking. I made sure to tell CtThumbe and we made plans to meet for lunch. I walked through the tedious bureaucracy with A and met CtThumbe for lunch, as planned, staying a while longer to take pictures and wait for confirmation on whether or not any more paperwork was needed. While we were there, we met several people. Some of them I didn't bother saying hello to, like MusicGuy and ExamGuy. The others included JJ, NtP, and CtW. These encounters went exactly as you'd expect they'd go. What surprised me was A's remark of how "popular" I was, for having said hello to four people. And you know, I realise that back in the day it would have seemed odd to me too, but what startles me the most is the fact that A finds it odd. Big thanks to mum are in order, aren't they? Turns out I'm much nicer and sociable than I make myself out to be, and A is ... challenged.

Seriously, though, I'm a mathematician. That's HUGE. I'm quite proud of myself. Hooray for me, then.

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