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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

It begins...

Oh dear...

I made it to my aunt A's place. In one piece. My mind's starting to suffer for it, though.

You see, aunt A is nothing if not stubborn, blockheaded and determined to be always right. She was still sorry I couldn't travel in business class today so, even though my  uncle asked and got a negative for openings, she asked the man taking our bags if there wasn't maybe a chance to upgrade my ticket. The man said no and elaborated, explaining that the plane we were supposed to travel in had been changed for a smaller model, so we definitely wouldn't be likely to score seats. Aunt A insisted, so the man gave her a last resort checking the VIP room about 45min before the flight took off. We had lunch and after lunch my parents wanted met to get my shoes polished, which was a decent enough proposal and offer. I said yes, but then all of a sudden aunt A got all angsty saying that if we didn't make it to the VIP room exactly at the time indicated we definitely wouldn't be able to upgrade my ticket. Mark, it was already a long shot, but she thought it was a sure thing and things just had to go her. way. We arrived at the gate maybe 10min later than we'd planned to. We didn't go straight to the VIP room because, when I pointed out that the VIP room should be across from the gate we were to board from, she just heard the bit about the gate. Once inside, she asked around for the upgrade option in the VIP room and was informed that it was pointless to go to the VIP room then because it was mostly a place to relax before the flight and it was almost time to board the plane. The young lady explaining all this also mentioned the change in planes, to further reinforce the fact that we weren't going to get the tickets. Leave it to aunt A to decide it was all my parents fault for taking the time to want me to wear decent-looking shoes. She explained it this way to everyone who would hear. First time around I said nothing, but when I was trying to report back to my parents I couldn't let her just imply it was their fault when it obviously wasn't

It's a very annoying attitude in her (and in anyone, really) and I can already foresee how much trouble it can bring. Another instance of her being willing only to admit as fact whatever backs up her hypotheses (however convoluted) was the immigration paperwork. She told me to declare NO food whatsoever, even though the form clearly asked for food in general and not just the obviously illegal (read: fresh) kind. She said that once (many years ago, before grandma died) she had declared she had food in her suitcases and had been taken in by a TSA agent who had torn the suitcase apart only to yell at her (I'm sure this is a gross exaggeration) for making him/her check a bag that didn't actually contain anything illegal. She understood that incident to mean that ever after it would be all right to bring food along and simply not declare it to avoid the hassle of having your bags looked through. While practical, anyone would agree this is wrong. More than wrong, I daresay this is also illegal. 

The one that really takes the cake is her paranoia, though. You know the first airport we got to was a very big one with not nearly enough janitors. Fine, I'll chalk that up to bad administration. The area where we were to wait for the next flight were heavily littered. Nothing more than that. She got all paranoid saying that a certain bag with leftover styrofoam boxes had been on a seat for too long and that it most certainly must be a bomb. Her american civic duties kicked in and she wouldn't hear any of my reasons why she was taking it a bit too far or why it wouldn't make any kind of sense to put a bomb there. Goodness, if only the janitor had come by any sooner she wouldn't have been the wiser if the bag had gone into a bin. Why make such a racket about it?

I get that she hasn't had it easy and has been in more than one unpleasant situation of the jarring kind. I don't appreciate a paranoia that over-rides reason and refuses to go away in the face of evidence. I think a good deal of what she worries about has to do with being a terrible judge of character. Want proof? She likes my newly wedded cousin's husband. 'Nuff said... But seriously, she failed to see the creepy in people and I really think one could have caught on to at least some of it before she had to get in the awful situations. 

To illustrate my point, I offer the fact that CtThumbe went to the airport to say goodbye, AOB called and sounded genuinely sad saying his goodbye and EBF sent a text message to wish me a good trip. You can include A's visit if you like. Oh, and add the fact that SmTn is lovely. And today, after seeing faaar too many stereotypes walking around, I find him all the more fascinating for being the way he is. Here's to an additional special entry in the nicest people I know tag, just because they're all so nice.

Can't find the song. Today's soundtrack was mostly the first song in the Édith Piaf cd my parents own. The upeat one that starts with bells and a piano.

 had to look it up. "La vie, l'amour."

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