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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I can hear you

Aunt A is at it again. She's "organising the kitchen," which really means she's about to have a fourth serving of the strawberry mousse I made today. Full sugar (fructose). It's her fourth serving added to a generous serving of cookies, and I'm quite sure she's having more of those too. She's already bailed out of the scheduled gym appointment with the trainer. 

Also making me mad? She had friends over for lunch and a card game today. She'd told me about it and I helped. I helped translates into quite a few things. Last night, while she was out at a friend's place, I got started on the preparations. I baked the cookies to have with tea, cracked a coconut open and got started on the strawberry juice. Today I was up before 9. I helped make sure the garage doesn't smell like cat pee. I helped clean the dust in the living room. I washed the dishes from breakfast. She took up mopping the whole living room area. That was after she took a bit too long to drink her coffee. Also after saying she'd go shower and start getting ready. End result? We only just made it to college at around 11:30am, which means we were in a hurry to get back and start cooking before her friends arrived at 1pm. 

She got anxious and pushed me and hurried me because she took too long to get ready. She hurried me as I cooked and multi-tasked switching between making the strawberry mousse, cooking the chicken breasts and making the bechamel sauce. She even had the nerve to say I was overcooking the chicken and it would go dry. Being boiled in stock. Meant to go with sauce. *grunts* Then she was in a hurry to get the dessert out of the fridge too soon "because she sooo wanted to try it." Uh-huh. And could she not just wait for another half hour, rather than make a mess of things? As they ate dessert, I got started on washing the dishes. I wanted nothing to do with how outrageous a serving she got for herself. Only when I was nearly done did she say "Oh, but you could have put those in the dishwashing machine!". Uh-huh. And she didn't think to mention that any earlier because she was too busy stuffing herself up with the mousse, I presume. She didn't stop me even as I continued to wash everything else when her friends were gone. When my cousin came over to try the food, the two of them talked while I washed and aunt A didn't think to say "Thanks a lot, I'll take over from there and help you out." No.

When mum called and aunt A told her about what we'd done, she sort of mentioned how I'd cooked most of lunch. She said nothing about how I did all of the cleaning. She said nothing about how she hurried me because she was too slow getting ready. It really makes me very mad, you know. The whole thing. I'm really very upset and I don't dare tell mum, though she's worried and sent me an e-mail telling me to be patient, because then she'll definitely be worried and that's just one more thing in a very long list.

Fuck, I hate this.

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