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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gruesome kills and Voldemort's second

Had a couple of dreams last night. In one, there was a killer out there slashing people in two wherever he went. Very gruesome. I was there with others who were investigating the murders, wondering who he'd go for next when given a lot of choices. As I ran out of whatever place we were in, away from the murderer that he may not catch me, I saw LesMisGuy from a distance and had a "moment." You know, of the kind where your heart melts a little as if the murderous rampage I was escaping was no big thing. Right.

In another dream, Lord Voldemort had a man who was his second. As Sauron to Morgoth, if you will. This man was counting on becoming very powerful. He and Voldemort were after two very special items. The first of them was found on the southeast of England and the second was to be found in the southwest (Surrey?). The location of both was known by Dumbledore. Most about this dream is now fuzzy, I just remember big dark storms and the idea that Voldemort had such a follower. I would have thought it "obvious" now and am now wondering why there's nothing quite like it in the books.

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