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Monday, 13 August 2012

Concerns about waste

If people around here are one thing, that one thing is lazy. as. fuck. Not that fucking is a lazy exercise, but you get my drift.

Portion sizes are ridiculous, for just about everything. It goes without saying that they waste so much of everything. Including food.

So, that sort of explains a dream I had last night where my parents were hosting very large reunions for me. Very large as in at least a hundred guests. One of them was a do-over of the farewell family reunion we had earlier. The other one I don't know the occasion for. All I know is that there were two of them, because mum sent in food a bit too early. I remember the food in question distinctly being some kind of berry/cherry cheesecake of the kind you put in the fridge (as opposed to the kind you bake, for those of you non-cooks out there). The thing is, mum sent out the desserts too soon, when people weren't hungry enough yet and I worried that they would leave it all on the plates waiting for the waiters to pick up the nearly-full plates. I  couldn't stand the thought of such waste. I don't know if we could afford it in the dream (you'd think if we could afford such a big reunion how much food was wasted would be a minor problem, and then again we could be throwing the house out the window to host it in the first place). All I know is I worried. And that it had already happened before which is why I knew I had reason to tell mum the same thing would happen again.

So much for dreams.

I'll make a small side note to point out that last night I briefly remembered kissing LesMisGuy and I still had a full chain reaction starting with warm, fuzzy feelings and ending with an unbelievable urge to sink and disappear from sight and existence. I suppose I'll always wonder about the relationship that never was.

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