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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Can't get away from her fast enough

For the love of...

You know, there's a competitive aspect to interactions between women I find particularly annoying. It was apparently there all throughout high school and I was the happier for never being aware of it, but with A sometimes it's just unavoidable. I painted her nails on Tuesday. I thought she only needed one coat but she insisted on two and got bubbles all over her polish. I suggested she buy a base coat, as she never uses any. I've mentioned things I've heard passed on by my aunt A about how I have a number of things waiting for me, gifts from my uncle and cousin, including a phone. Makes no sense to string those sentences together, does it? It will in a bit.

She started a conversation to let me know she painted her nails again because she bought a (surely over-priced) base coat and bragged about how perfectly she painted them. I said I'd coincidentally painted my nails today and remarked I was only missing a few final touches cleaning the edges. She pointed out her perfect nails were so perfect she had nothing to clean up. She then mentioned she'll be getting a new phone (matching the one I'm told is waiting for me). Part of me resents the fact that for her everything is a contest. I've never bragged about my phone. If anything, I'm a little proud of it being fairly old and could still be using the broken one I had before it, a year ago, no problem. She makes a point to show me she has the nicest things, and I think she's always been this way (going back to when we were very little). On the rare occasion when I got something nice she didn't have, she'd find a way to ruin it for me. Sometimes I wonder why I'm such a pushover, and whether or not I owe her anything any more to justify putting up with this shitty mentality. 

Another part of me wonders what the fuck she's going to do when she has to work for a living and doesn't make an awful lot of money. The last couple of years, things haven't been going too well for her family but she spends money she can't really afford, and she's always been quite used to luxury they should have been going without to make ends meet. I can only assume her parents have a much smarter way to handle money than mine do. Either way, she'll eventually run out of people to give her fancy things to show off about and I don't suppose she'll be able to afford them on any salary she can be expected to have in the future. One can only guess she'll be making very stupid financial decisions then, but won't have much to fall back on.

Either way, she's toxic. It really jumps out at you when you consider other people I know can be so much nicer than her.

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