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Friday, 3 August 2012

Big party and a cup of coffee

Two things I remember from my dreams last night. In one dream there was a big party being hosted by someone rich. I think it was a wedding. I remember going through Barbie dolls dressed up for such an occasion, trying to pick clothes to wear to the party and N1 telling me a maxi dress with a jacket just wouldn't do. CtW and NtP were at the party, but were bored and leaving early because the security was a bit ridiculous and had forbidden the use of cellphones arguing they could take pictures and alter them. 

In another dream, SmTn was here. We bought a cup of coffee and drank it as we walked around. Though we didn't talk all that much it was very comfortable, being with him. When we were done with the coffee we sat down on the floor and I took my chances putting my head on his shoulder. A lot of girls then came out of nowhere and ambushed him, asking if he was single and how hard it would be to get it on with him. For the record, he still had a girlfriend. I laughed quietly at the their insistence.

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