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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Big hug, big guy

Can you tell? You could tell because of the smile if you could see me writing now. I got an e-mail from SmTn. Sometimes all I want to do is give him a big hug because he's lovely. Today he sent me a link to a very girly song and offered himself as one of the most boring people. I wish I could tell him: "You just sent me a link to a nice girly song. There's no way you're boring." I'm quite sure it wouldn't come out right, though.

I'd write more, but frankly I'm too tired.

The nonsensical very abridged notes:

Aunt A is obsessed with tragedies. Not news but it sort of makes her a Debbie Downer.

Chemistry instructor is a closeted gay man. First day on the job he complimented a girl with "love the hair." Brings up wife and kids in every class. Poor dear.

LC4(?) is gay all right. He just doesn't quite know it yet. I noticed him looking at boys - a boy in particular. A very pretty boy. Oh dear, I do hope aunt A doesn't fuck up with him. Goodness forbid he be placed in a Catholic (or equally conservative) school. He's one very sweet, smart boy.

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