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Friday, 17 August 2012

Arguments with aunt A How do you solve a problem like aunt A

As I've mentioned before, aunt A is stubborn. Very stubborn, at that. And she likes to get into arguments with everyone and anyone about everything and anything. The smallest remark on my part will stir up an argument in her and I don't think she's been reasonable even once. The first one that comes to mind is this morning's argument. For some reason, the neighbourhood has a magazine. Which is kind of funny on its own, but it's not what I remarked. I was perusing through it during breakfast, wondering what kind of news and articles went into such a magazine and thought out loud that it was funny they made a story out of a tree that fell during a storm and how it was alive and well now. Are they fucking serious? That's newsworthy? A fallen tree? And celebrating it being alive rather than replanting it or cutting it off so that people don't have to drive around it...? Well, I thought it was a funny sort of thing to write about and I pointed it out.

Aunt A mentioned how they value trees' lives around here and how you can't cut them without asking for permission. I pointed out they probably don't put such restrictions to save the environment, and that people don't recycle all that much around here. Big mistake. She went on and on about how they really do recycle everywhere around here (they don't: I've noticed... more often than not, aunt A is too lazy to take anything to the recycle bins). I did not make the mistake of telling her this as she went on and on about how everyone recycles around here. That's when I opted for just being quiet. She backs up silly arguments with increasingly stupid ones until she's making a racket about proving something that's blatantly wrong just to prove a general statement that would prove her right in dismissing my remarks.

What annoys me the most is that she actually gets angry at me for even suggesting that the fallen tree story is kind of silly. She got mad at me for suggesting that sometimes newspapers and magazines don't prioritise their news properly, burying important news under the buzz of frivolous ones. She'll try and make a case for the frivolous ones because human lives are precious, because people in other countries need to know, because reasons. When I argued other news are more important to the general population because they have a direct impact in their lives, she called me an idealist and said I just hadn't lived long enough. I didn't point out nothing matters to her because she's in a comfortable position where uncle A can afford anything she could need and she never has to battle policies in a life-threatening way.


It's going to be a very long two or three years.

[5pm edit]
Alternate title: How do you solve a problem like aunt A?

You know, aunt A has many health issues, diabetes being only one of the biggest ones. She has bad arteries and had to have a procedure done to unblock an artery less than two months ago. Why am I bringing this up, you ask? Because for all the advise she gives me on what's healthy and what's not, she does a terrible job staying healthy. On this particular occasion, it's lunch that did it. You see, a few days ago I baked a low butter, low fructose apple crumble. I was planning on it being a tiny bit sweeter but it turned out all right, to be honest. I was glad aunt A kept having slices of it because I figured at least she got a healthier alternative to the ice creams she has nearly everyday "because they don't have sugar." (Oh, but they have plenty of other things that are no good for her health, I just don't bring it up.) I was surprised to see her pour honey all over her slice of pie today. Which she had after lunch today. At around 3 or 4 in the afternoon because she was at the doctor's. A new doctor because the old one asked her to fill in a ten day chart with her blood sugar levels and she was too lazy to do it. 

I might talk about how she treats her doctors like they she's their client and not their patient, but I'll go on about lunch for a while longer. I worried that she hadn't had lunch and would have very low blood sugar (not that she'd go with low blood sugar, she carries very sweet chocolates "for that purpose"). I offered to make her lunch and we settled on rice with a side of steamed vegetables. The steamed vegetables, of course, took some time and she was starving, so she had the rice and some roasted chickpeas (about the only healthy thing in her lunch) I made a couple of days ago. I can already hear you say "Wait, when did you become such a health nut? Surely, rice should be part of a healthy lunch" and I'd have to answer: No. Not when you pair it with over almost two spoonfuls of mayonnaise. I know the cajun remoulade is really tasty, but half a cup of rice (or any serving of food) doesn't really need so much of it.

When the vegetables were done, she said she was full, but still served herself a slice of the apple crumble, which is when I noticed the honey thing. I turned my back against her and said nothing, but she ought to know better. And to think she won't want a trainer at the gym because they'll actually make her *gasp* work. She's good at shopping, I'll grant her that. But she treats everyone like she's nothing but a customer and that's hardly a good way to go about things. While, yes, she's paying for the trainer's job at the gym, she's not getting her money's worth unless she lets the trainer tell her what to do and how to do it. She's not getting anywhere if she can't pair up the exercise with a decent diet, and the fact that I try to eat healthy every day, striving to eat salads, fruits and vegetables every day as well as cook healthy alternatives does nothing to help her. She needs to lose the weight because her heart won't be able to keep up, nor will her arteries, or her pancreas. She should know this. But she'll go from one opinion to the next, waiting for someone to agree with her and then she'll cling to that even in the face of reasonable people telling her otherwise. 

I understand that she has limitations, but she does not stick to them as she should. If she's doing less exercise because it hurts, then she shouldn't eat things she knows will make her bigger because it will fucking hurt more. It's rather simple logic, really. She just doesn't follow it and it's not because she's that much of a moron. She is, however, that much of a stubborn old cow.

For those of you in the back who are scandalised that I just called my aunt, who's feeding me and looking out for me in a whole new city and country, kindly leave the blog. I don't hesitate to call my only living grandmother a cockroach and I'm sure you wouldn't like it either. Understand that while I'll stand by family, I don't feel compelled to show them respect they don't deserve. If they're intolerant, stubborn, unreasonable or downright stupid I won't hesitate to say so and complain about it because I expect better from them. 

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