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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Talkative mood

Aunt A arrived today. It should make me feel like I'm ever closer to leaving (three weeks or so) but the idea still feels very foreign to me. Nothing much to be said about my day today. Nothing much to be said about anything. I'm tired, and cold, and... pretty much nothing else. Even so, for whatever reason, I'm feeling talkative. I want to talk to someone even though there's nothing in particular for me to want to talk about. I was hoping I might find EBF online but had no luck. Not that I would have dared say anything, I'm quite sure I would have hesitated myself out of the idea without having anything to say. And yet he always seems to find a way around that with a simple "wazup?". Nevertheless... I was feeling like talking and the closest I'll get to that is writing in the blog, even if just to write about wanting to talk and having to write instead.

It is all rather pointless and pretty much useless, I'm afraid. I tried looking up a film to watch but I wanted to watch a children's movie and it wouldn't play properly so I gave up. I switched to make-up videos, but I couldn't keep my eyes on the video tab, switching to a castle wars game I didn't really want to play either. I did manage to make very decent roasted peas with home made garlic salt, for what it's worth. And I've made up my mind about baking AOB a cake. But that's about it. I said it before: there's nothing much going on in my life today.

You see? This is where an actual conversation might have a chance at starting anyway, if I have nothing to say the other person just might think of something. I could write SmTn an e-mail but I just don't have words to put into it. I'm in a talkative mood and talking to myself won't make any sense if I have nothing to say. 

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