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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Save the world with a monster

I had a dream last night where the world was under attack by a huge lapras-like monster (yes, the pokémon... you may prefer to think it looked like whatever Nessie is supposed to look like). To fight it, other monsters were being  raised. These, however, were only just babies. There was a dragon-like sea monster, which was supposed to be the most powerful out of the three, one that looked an awful lot like a sea-monkey and a third one I can't remember right now. Volunteers were in charge of taking care of them, including R1 who had done so before. R1 had been looking after the sea-monkey one, teaching it how to swim mermaid-style (apparently  the little guy had no one to teach him). It was rather endearing. I think he was also showing off and I had a déjà vu moment with the whole thing because I think he was trying to impress me (and there's a small chance that he might have succeeded). I remember wanting to look after R1, going to a big house where all of us volunteers were staying and I know I planned to cook something for him. It didn't work out because I didn't find him and I didn't find him because he was swimming with the little guy.

As for the fighting, there was a man (from the military?) who knew we had to use the little monsters to fight the big one and we were only buying ourselves time while we raised them to be big and powerful enough. He insisted we'd have to throw the next little monster in whenever we had to, which could have been while it was still a baby. I protested strongly against it. This discussion took place by the pool where they could rest, the three of them and a big white shark who was fed mint by the monsters' caretaker. Some time later, as I stood by the sea shore, other lapras-like monsters came to shore. These were cyan/aqua in colour and looked very gentle and kind. I asked if the bad monster had no family to be with, and whether or not he could be stopped by giving him a nice group of monsters like him to be around. Not sure what happened to that suggestion, because all I remember is people pointing out that these new monsters were indeed very gentle and kind compared to the bad one and no one even knew any more such monsters existed. A while later, mermaids showed up. They also had aqua/teal tails, coppery blond hair and vary pale complexions. They also had lots of pearls and other things in their hair. They swam past me, as I was in the water and one of them held my hand. Her hand felt very cold in comparison to mine so I was surprised when she said "Your hands are so cold!". That's all I  remember from this dream.

In another dream, a gypsy had taken it upon himself to raise some baby goats/sheep before they were eaten by some mountain wolfs. I went with others to look in on the baby goats in the field and we took one in for a while but then went to put it back when it kept calling for its mother (I suppose the baby goats could speak in my dream). I instructed one of the guys I was with where to leave it, behind a pub in the small town in the hills, which was to the right heading up the mountain, and not left of the road where he was. The little goat ran off leading him to an old building being presented like some sort of historical monument. The man running it kept the little goats hidden under racks of _______ (clothes? I don't remember) and had them come out every time the customers placed their bags on the floor in order to steal something from them. It seemed like a brilliant plan, being able to train them like that. I'm not sure if it's worth pointing out that the little goats were dressed like medieval war horses, with colourful tents.

In the last dream I remember, the characters from glee were staying in a big house and after a big fight between Rachel and Finn, Rachel went missing and was found to be with Blaine (suddenly straight) and about to have sex with him. Very bizarre dream. I remember thinking "Wait! He's gay! He's gay!".

You know I had to go to Wikipedia and find the appropriate dinosaur: I can't narrow it down to species, but I can tell you the family: Elasmosauridae. Anything big, navy coloured, with a long neck, four fins and a tail.

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