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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Running around half-naked

I had a couple of dreams last night I'd like to keep track of.

1) There was a dream where I was with AOB in campus and we'd agreed to go out after that. We were planning to take the bus here and then I'd be driving him elsewhere (heh, me driving...). As we got to the bus station, we noticed my parents and I got stuck fumbling with the change after buying the tickets, so I couldn't meet them all immediately. By the time I managed to meet them, my parents and AOB had been waiting at the line for the wrong bus, which I pointed out, and made AOB get on it. Essentially, they were getting rid of him. At first it was explained that my dad had said something incredibly stupid and embarrassing that made AOB, like the decent chap he is, decide to go to his place and forget about meeting me. It was all rather strange, especially since it seemed to me that none of it could be helped.

2) There was another dream about AOB, one where I felt a very strong one-sided (his) sexual attraction.

3) In another dream, we'd been invited to watch my spoiled cousin at a tennis match. On the way there I noticed lots of wild animals, including a meerkat carrying around an old unplugged vacuum cleaner as if it were cleaning the dusty patch of land it lived in and an ostrich that actually looked a lot like a hyena lying down. We were supposed to go past the swimming pools at the country club to reach the tennis courts, but we couldn't seem to find them. I remember I had three shoes at all times, two of them on my feet and a third to carry around for no good reason. We decided to take a dip in the pools while we figured out what to do next and so I ended up in nothing but my bikini. I kept looking for the tennis courts, and eventually ended up at a huge pool (albeit not a very well-kept one, for an expensive country club) that was closed off with a metal fence. I swam around and ran back, trying to find a way around the pools, but couldn't find one. At one point, I felt observed and uncomfortable at having the other people staring at me.

4) There was a dream with J2 and his girlfriend from school2. All I remember from this one is her changing clothes and him staring at her cleavage and suggesting what looked good on her.

5) The other dream was centred around the characters from The Mentalist. Jane had been framed for one of Red John's murders as he found a baby in a crib and was made to leave by police officers, who offered to let him go to the bathroom first. As he left the bathroom, which inexplicably had a wooden radio that could play tapes, Red John opened the door to speak with him. He asked  if the tape in the radio was a certain recording Red John had made and she (yes, she) said it wasn't. She elaborated saying it's not like the tape provided anyone with useful information on how to find her, as no one would ever believe Jane's story that Red John was in fact a pale, dark-haired young lady. The last part of this dream had the team waiting for Jane at a marathon, with Lisbon trying to figure out who should take Jane's place running.

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