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Saturday, 21 July 2012


For whatever reason, an old text of R1's shows up on my facebook newsfeed. I went over it and noticed a few things...

 - I understood (I think) more than you could have expected me to, considering I'm not that close to R1 and couldn't be sure to follow the metaphors. This points to either sloppily too understandable writing on his part, or brilliantly executed balance of understandability. I'm leaning towards the latter.

 - I grimaced at the grammatical errors. Sorry, couldn't be helped.

 - I laughed so hard at his mum's "WTF?" And R1's reply? The whole thing was just priceless.

 - I had to go over the sentence a couple of times and google it just to be sure. It sounds like I've heard it before and I thought it was probably famous already, but it wasn't. The credit goes to R1:

"Not following? No worries, I'm not leading either."

Not bad, eh?

You know, I have the hunch that EBF might log on (very possibly drunk) and will want to talk and I went online and stayed online (instead of going to sleep like I was about to), just in case my hunch is right? Other than bake my cousins a cake, I don't have much to do tomorrow. I can afford to stay up late/early. Unless AOB wants to have lunch (no can do dinner) tomorrow... but something tells me he won't.

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