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Monday, 30 July 2012

Live to eat

That's more like it. I almost titled this post "Food" and then thought it was just too sad.

The old man's not really talking to me. Just as well.

Mum's trying to convince me to save the money I got instead of baking everyone a thank you gift. We'll see about that. She's also trying to convince me not to get her a birthday present. She's getting one, and not just something she needs. I'll make sure she gets something she wants.

And now, my day yesterday. I was out at the cinema with my aunt, two cousins and three little cousins. We watched Brave.

For all the hype about it being the story of a feminist princess and an inspiration to little girls everywhere... I have to say she just came across as a rebellious teenager. I'm disappointed by the fact that her archery skills didn't amount to all that much in the film, and I'm disappointed by the fact that they felt a need to explain the witch's spell and how to break it. The story itself felt a bit odd... strained... forced, even. I won't say I didn't like it, but I must say I expected more out of it.

After the film we had crepes with my aunt and after that I went out with EBF and AOB. It was nice, in that we managed to talk and have great food and enjoy ourselves. It's funny that when I first met AOB (who was on time) and we talked about Before Sunrise and Before Sunset I pointed out how I liked the first better because the second provided an unnecessary ending to a story that didn't need it. The conversation stemmed from the fact that we recommended the films to AOB as being directed by Richard Linklater. When EBF arrived, AOB asked him the same things he asked me about it and the funny thing is, he said about the same thing as me. After all this time...


A told me she'd like to meet me this week, so we're meeting on Wednesday. Also, she said she actually had a very good time on Friday. Go figure... 


Coconut rice recipe:
 - first coconut milk
 - 4 cups of coconut water
 - 3 heaped spoonfuls of sugar
 - a teaspoon of salt
 - 2 cups of rice

Heat the first coconut milk on a high heat until it's fairly dry and starts to caramelise. Add the sugar and allow to caramelise further, not letting it stick to the pan. Add coconut water, sugar and salt. When it boils, add the rice and allow to cook on a high heat until it's fairly dry. Cover with a lid and allow to cook on a low heat until done.

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