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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kauas pilvet karkaavat

Have I sat through an hour and a half long film I didn't like from the beginning simply because I couldn't stop watching? Guilty as charged.

The acting was horrible. The characters only half interesting. The story was... well, I suppose it was everything it was supposed to be. I can only say I suffered every minute of it, especially the bit where they gamble and lose their money. I'm not sure if it's a good thing then, that I was so happy when the whole thing sort of worked out in the end through hard work and the film was finally over.

On other news, tomorrow is the family reunion. That would be around 7pm. But my mum got us  tangled up having to look after a foreign girl who will come around 8:30am to cook lunch with us.  Pretty much as soon as that's over we will have to kick her out so we can go have tea at my newly wedded cousin's new place. I can only assume we'll be off to my uncle's after that. I'm not allowed to be as involved as I'd like in tomorrow's dinner. I helped with the potatoes, and the turkey breasts. I'll be instructing how the two bottles (an appallingly small number, given there are 30 guests) of mulled wine are to be cooked. Mum will be running around like crazy (like usual). I've taken the time to do her nails, make her take a few minutes off while I put a face mask on her and I'll make sure to do her make up tomorrow, hiding the spots and freckles as best I can. I've already made the fact that I'll be very busy tomorrow clear, right? May I point out, then, that EBF has not so much as asked for my uncle's address and AOB hasn't gotten back to me yet? Neither has A, but her parents must have already asked. She has Dg to deal with as she goes to the cinema tonight. 

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