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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm forgetting, but I shouldn't

Couple of dreams from last night, most of them connected.

In one dream I was in school1, watching a soccer match with others and A when I was asked if I'd like to dress up for... I can't remember what reason. One of the people dressing up in my team was Roger from American Dad. I was told to wear something like  a bikini, and it turned out the bottom didn't fit me well. It was very embarrassing at first, being so exposed in front of all those people. But some of them started feeling for me and my "realness", so they offered other bottoms to go with the bikini. I ended up wearing something of my own, but in order to wear it I actually walked around half naked for a little bit. I was quite a lot less embarrassed than you'd think, and people didn't stare quite so much.

In another dream, I was with a lot of people from some school or other. I remember Q was there, but so was LesMisGuy and Raoul and the Phantom of the Opera. In this dream, they were doing some sort of activity which was taking forever and I just wanted it  all to be over with as soon as possible. I was avoiding LesMisGuy, but at some point they asked all the guys to write down something, and I couldn't help myself from wondering what he'd written, so I was there just after him to take a look at the piece of paper. He'd borrowed a quote from a man I've never heard of and can't remember any more. I've even forgotten the quote, though I'd made it a point not to. It said something along the lines of "don't change me" and made him into quite the rebel and the misfit. I remember thinking it made him a lot like EBF in high school, except I'd never thought of LesMisGuy that way.

The Phantom of the Opera wasn't really the phantom, but he actually believed himself to be him. Some young man was writing a book about it and had wandered into his lair in a church/cathedral, leaving too many clues and evidence in his book for anyone to go wandering. I distinctly remember some writing (like Sindarin) which was supposed to have been copied from the walls in his lair.

In another dream, after the ones I've mentioned and another I've completely forgotten, I met EBF where there was a big group of people. EBF asked what I'd been up to and in a single day I'd done two outrageous things, one of them being walking around half-naked. I don't remember if I got to tell him about it, but I imagined he'd be quite proud.

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