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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Excuse: soundtrack

As I promised my mum, I'm cleaning up and organising my room. So far, I've managed to finish half of my room, the half comprising the closet and night table. Next time I'm taking care of the library and desk. Two things happened: I chucked out the bracelet I got from D long ago, not minding if it ends up in a landfill any more, and I discovered that doing chores to Michael Jackson music makes them a lot more bearable.

On the subject of mementos... I'm keeping the "[insert special occasion]" note, as well as the green piece of paper holding old new year's resolutions in the programme of the Philip Glass concert, snuck in the book I got from SmTn. I tossed the last(?) I got from A for my birthday. I hesitated for a bit but then realised her "gift" to me was a coupon for all the cocktails I wanted. 

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