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Sunday, 22 July 2012


It was the twins' birthday yesterday. We invited them over for dinner but only one of them could come and it turned into lunch at around 10am yesterday. We somehow managed to pull it off, though. It went all right. After resting for a bit when my cousin left, my aunt A came over with my spoiled cousin. My cousin left to a party and my aunt MT arrived. We played cards until 10pm. Another family-ridden day. It doesn't end there, though.

Though I won't get my diploma until the 31st, my aunt MT is leaving on the 1st, and we're supposed to celebrate before then. That means we're supposed to celebrate next weekend, apparently. Mum told me my uncle and aunt offered to host the reunion. She doesn't like the idea, and neither do I. For one, we're still too broke to host the reunion, but that means agreeing to let them host it turns the whole thing into charity. My mum's dignity can't take it, and neither can mine. Oh, and have I mentioned that we couldn't get the twins presents? When I asked what we should get them my dad said "Oh, we can't afford it, it will have to wait until next month. We're not leaving them without presents, we're just putting it off." I knew it even as he said it: he didn't mean to keep his word. He won't buy them presents. We didn't get them presents last year and the year before that I remember having to insist quite a bit. Daughter of Scrooge indeed...

Back to the subject of the much dreaded family reunion, though, hosting the whole thing at my uncle's place has one added inconvenience: A, AOB, CtThumbe and EBF are supposed to go too. The "foreign" setting is just adding to an already uncomfortable situation with... well, all of them except CtThumbe. Possibly including her, depending on how EBF's troubles work out. And I wouldn't know about that because I checked and he hasn't been online (that my messenger knows) in 4-5 days. Busy much, I suppose.

That reunion spells disaster. The only thing that could make it worse is speeches, and I'm not too sure they can be avoided. 

Well, a far greater number of things spell disaster if I'm dreading a family reunion, want nothing to do with my friends (To think I actually hesitated to add quotation marks...) and am otherwise terrified about everything else going on in my life.

[11:39am edit]
The family reunion planning is under way. A menu has already been chosen for me. Though mum and I had considered some mulled wine, scones and meringue/pastry cream desserts they're going for turkey breasts, oven-baked potatoes and a salad. Ah... and that leaves the business of inviting everyone over, without CtThumbe being able to make it (she arrives on that day, I think it's highly unlikely).

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