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Monday, 16 July 2012

Come to think of it, I haven't truly slept in years

Among other dreams, last night I had a dream about my little one where we cuddled on the bed.  I hadn't felt so comfortable or at peace in years. There was something about the way she knew how to use my arm as a pillow and lie against me that made it all so nice, you know? Even in my dream I stopped to think to myself "let's stay like this for as long as can be, it's just so nice..."

The other dreams included a lot of spot on guesswork about stuff happening to A that came true over the course of a single dream and trying to tell her about it and warn her about something, a dream about running a race for school1 (or rather for a teacher in school1 I can't even remember), a dream about a restaurant where divas competed to sing and a young man got a not so perfect drag job, and a dream about a guy trying to celebrate his brother getting married. In the running dream I lost a molar, at some point I just felt it loose in my mouth. Weird.... That's all I remember now anyway. Not that I really care about these last dreams. 

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