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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Something about the sea

I know I've been having dreams about being at the beach and the sea lately, I just haven't gotten them written down. Last night's dreams I do remember. Sort of.

There was one where I was in school, in some kind of science class. We were given spheres with different patterns of crystallised something clear on them, might've been water, might've been a number of other things. I was initially working with EBF. We were supposed to classify the stars we were given according to a picture. It seemed a bit silly. EBF got into some kind of discussion with Vc where he ended up tossing one of our stars very far away into the water. The water was split into two parts. A smaller pool with a "bottomless" hole leading down to the big part, and the big part was just the regular sea ending up in little keys with mangrove borders. EBF had tossed the star into the big bit, not far from some mangroves.

I was later in a group with N1 and didn't see more of EBF. We had set out to collect the stars because we had none, but we couldn't find any. When we figured we might as well try to find the one EBF had thrown out I remember finding a lot of forgotten old trinkets instead. I was tempted to take a pair of earrings back with me. When the time was up we had none of the stars and nothing for a grade. Our teacher said she just wanted us to classify the stars, that it would have been an easy grade. I asked if it wouldn't be considered cruel to collect stars like that just to let them die. I think that's all for that dream.

In another dream I was with A and her family and dogs. Her dogs had just become fathers and she and her family were looking after three pups, one of them a baby girl pup. She was particularly frightened and needed company. In the end I somewhat reluctantly volunteered my family to take care of her, as she needed the kind of care we gave my little one. I know I was taking my going away into consideration, as I wasn't actually counting on staying with the dog.

There are two more dreams to remember. In one there was a lunch at the cafeteria of school1 to celebrate a new headmaster coming. My topology professor was there. I can't remember much else. In another dream I walked through empty and rather poor streets hoping not to get mugged as I got somewhere. 

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