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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Seems appropriate enough a title: one of AOB's cats passed away last Friday. He told me today. I never had much to do with his cats, and I know cats are hardly like dogs, but the cats mean a lot to him and I'm quite sorry for his loss. Rest in peace, little M. 

AOB asked me if I'd like to join him and others to watch The Hunger Games. I said yes. We watched the movie, had very little time to chat, and when the movie was over we chatted another tiny bit and then my parents picked me up. We gave AOB a short ride home. The news about his cat was brought about in the best casual tone he could manage, I figure. I did intend to ask about the cats, as I didn't see them at his house and I knew she'd been sick since December. I didn't know how sick she was or how horrible life was for her in her last days. AOB pointed out she couldn't even walk any more. It's just awful. I had a somewhat expectable response and pointed out that tumours in cats have a higher risk of being malignant. Go me... 

I'll jump over the comments on the ridiculous Lady Gaga costumes in the film to make a parenthesis. I noticed EBF is online. Has been online most of today's afternoon. Since he's out of the city for a while and I figured he'd be in some party or other every day while he could, I asked if he shouldn't be out in some party or other. He says he's not, that today is a day to take it easy. I asked if it's because it's a Tuesday. He wrote back saying there's no partying history, or something along those lines. I read "I party whenever I feel like it, I don't feel like it." Maybe his response wasn't as dry as I read it. I can't even attempt to follow through and change the subject. I considered doing so, but then gave up on the thought. Maybe I was way off the mark asking about him partying. I definitely shouldn't have bothered trying to talk to him. I thought I'd learned. What the fuck happened?

Back to AOB. I wanted to point out he insisted on paying for my ticket. I said I'd buy whatever we were eating at the theatre, but then he paid for that too (popcorn and a bottle of water for him, a bag of m&m's for me). I told him I owe him dinner. And I do, I'd like to do one nice thing for him while I have the money to spare. I'd just like to thank him properly, if only on the blog (maybe I'll send him a message too in a bit). While I could linger for a split second on the thought of why I blushed when I said out loud "I owe you dinner" as he got out of the car when we dropped him off, I won't. I'd rather point out it's rather peculiar that my relationship with him is not so unlike my relationship with CtThumbe: in both cases it's a back and forth "here, I'll get that for you." I could attempt to ruin it and go into too much detail trying to figure out the reason why. I know I'd end up trying to turn it into something horrible where we don't do anything out of trying to be nice but some odd sense of duty and I'd rather think they're nice. 

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