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Thursday, 12 April 2012

A contemplative state of mind and how it was ruined

I ended up heating my lunch in the building I was in. I couldn't find a chair, so I walked out towards the classroom I'd have topology class in. It occurred to me a little too late, since I'd already made up my mind to avoid seeing LesMisGuy, that I was probably walking towards him (or whatever class he's in before 2pm) but it was raining and it would have been a fairly long walk to any other building so I opted for moving upwards, behind buildings, to find a place to have lunch. I ended up seating by the music department buildings, where a young man was practising his guitar playing. I sat down on the floor near him. We were on the floor, him against a column, me against the wall, a faint drizzling rain on the other side. He made a few mistakes, but it was all the same very nice. The rain, the music, and the fact that when a watchman asked about the pentagrams and wanted to learn about the key of G the student explained. It made me smile.

It would have made my day if it weren't for the fact that when my parents arrived my father was in a rage screaming at my mum and cursing. When he walked by my room to say hi I didn't look away from my computer screen for long and only just waved. He asked what was wrong and I said nothing in an annoyed tone. Just how he pretends nothing happened and he can get away with being a dick is beyond me. 

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