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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Can't last a week

I would've celebrated being able to steer clear from the LesMisGuy subject in posts for even so much as a week, but can't. During today's lecture about Hamlet, even though I'd prepared to try and participate and in general not be a fucking idiot, even though the class was interesting and our professor is never ever boring, I got distracted. A very intense and almost vivid fantasy involving LesMisGuy came to mind and I couldn't help but sit there and play it in my mind and wish it had any chances of coming to happen. 

In the fantasy LesMisGuy and I start out by kissing, which turns into ever so light caresses. Eager as I am to please, the fantasy isn't of us doing anything together, or of him doing much to me. It's of me teasing him hard and then giving him a mind blowing (oh, the pun) blow job. There's a minor fucked up detail to it: once he comes the fantasy isn't over, because I want him to hug me and hold me, look me in the eyes, delicately pull my chin towards him and kiss me but the memory of how D refused to have my head near him after giving him head ruins the whole thing. I end up wondering if he wouldn't push my head down or away, and I even imagine I'd be afraid to try to give him a kiss.

You know I didn't have the russian literature class today. The teaching practice professor is out of town too. I could've done something useful but instead I wrote back to SmTn. I could be thinking of having lunch but I'm putting it off telling myself I'm waiting for the queue to microwave my lunch must still be too long. I'm still in the classroom where I'd have my literature class. I have half a mind to stay until exactly 2pm hoping to catch a glimpse of LesMisGuy on the way to topology class. Part of me wants to check a mirror before I make my mind up. The rest of me is trying to knock some sense into the stupid part of me that can't let go of LesMisGuy. 

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