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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

An oxymoron

Just out of an exercise session to prepare for the topology exam tomorrow. I figured I'd sit down somewhere with a chair and a table, so I found the nearest building on my way out that met those requirements. There is a row of wide columns, a table with chairs on one of the sides of each column, classrooms and long benches parallel to the columns on the other side. All tables were empty and all I had to do was choose one. Would have been as easy as sitting on the nearest one to the exit but for one thing: a couple was making out in one of the benches. Being away from them made them that much more visible. The only way to avoid seeing them altogether was to sit right next to them. Closer is farther away. The closer I am to the kiss, the farther away I am from it. It seemed poetic enough to warrant a short post. I'm almost tempted to explain... but then I'd lose power for concision. Let's pretend I learned something from Chekhov.

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