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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Old nazi and a dead wolf

I don't think I've slept this much (12h) in a long time... Here's what I remember from last night's dreams:

In one, SmTn had sent me a video of himself hunting.  He was in a forest, naked, with a wolf's skin to "dress" him (really, it was just the wolf's head on his head and everything hanging willy nilly from there). I censored my dream, I noticed, because 1) he was almost always on his side or on his back, and 2) the video quality made it impossible to make out anything other tan blurs. So there's that.

In another dream there was a dying old man. A horrible nazi man at  that. I remember I felt like I had to save him no matter how horrible a person I was (and here I was it thinking it was only doctors who do such things begrudgingly). I gave him CPR (to the best of my non-existing abilities) and I actually succeeded in bringing him to. Not sure what else happened in that dream, but I remember NtP fighting with some girl or other. 

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