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Thursday, 22 March 2012

A kiss, long longings, and death

Very straight-forward post today. First, there's the fact that I stayed late yesterday to teach a young man linear algebra (for money, of course). When we stopped, we waited around for a bit before he left and I decided to wait out the traffic jams a little longer. A friend of his ran into us and greeted me with a kiss. An actual kiss on the cheek at that. My first in... ages, I reckon. It's been so long it's post-worthy. Go figure...

On other news, also late, I had this feeling most of yesterday afternoon and today like I just might run into LesMisGuy. Moreover, I started to long to be with him and kiss him. It gets old, I know, but I can't seem to help myself. 

Oh, I know what doesn't help one bit either. That student of mine who looks a lot like LesMisGuy? 1) He has a girlfriend. How do I know? Because 2) I keep running into him around campus. It's awesome that he has a girlfriend, I'm sure they're both lovely, but I'd rather not have it shoved in my face because I can't help but wish that were me and LesMisGuy (too, not instead, I'm not that selfish). 

The last bit of news is that a young man committed suicide yesterday afternoon. He jumped off from one of the university buildings. The glimpses I've had at others' reactions range from "that's awful" to "why make such a big deal out of it?". The news article that first announced his death didn't quite say he jumped from one of the university's buildings, but it's clear he couldn't have jumped from any other high place (as there are none around the area). We received an official e-mail on behalf of the university rector and after clearing up the fact that the young man was not, in fact a student of our university, the message ended with a statement of how the university contacted the authorities pertinently. I didn't know this young man. I do know his death was given a very strange treatment: his death is something embarrassing to our university and it would seem the institution passed off the problem to someone else while stating they had nothing to do with the young man. A few students morbidly recall the fact like it meant nothing. Some try to be too affected by his death. He's the one who died, you know, and no one has ventured a guess as for what went wrong with it.

I had a dream about the whole thing last night. In my dream I questioned how none of the building's watchmen saw him, how no one was looking at the video footage of him in the terrace about to jump, how it wasn't quite so late that the terrace would be empty. I was furious, demanding to know who's fault it was that the young man had killed himself. I woke up to such thoughts today and I'm now a bit appalled by the general reaction of everyone. Even my literature professors almost mentioned the subject, hinting at a possible comical effect, and stopped themselves short, leaving enough of a pause to show they were thinking about it. It was all very strange... 

On a small ranting note, N1 is making me want to puke with the revoltingly "sweet" exchanges between her and the new guy. 

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