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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Introducing (apparently), NtP

So... I didn't manage to find any record of being annoyed by him before. Let's summarise: he has no sense of personal space, leans over me, asks for hugs, calls me "sexy," and may be nice enough but I can't stand him over long periods of time because he's impossibly hyperactive. Him? I'm supposed to be doing my teaching practice project with him. Big fail. We're already late. He's also in my topology class. During the break we talked about the project. He noticed I've got doodles on the margins of my notebook and flipped around pages until he managed to come to the bits where I didn't manage making sure they were illegible. Which is to say he found the "I love you LesMisGuy" bits. He oohed and aahed and I felt incredibly stupid and embarrassed. I pretty much slammed the notebook on him and asked him to focus on the project. I was paranoid the rest of the class and tried to discretely flip through the pages to find the references to LesMisGuy and delete them. I realised much later that it's probably silly to be so embarrassed, but it's also very silly to write such stupid things on my notebook. Point at hand? I am now ashamed of fancying LesMisGuy. Won't help matters one bit, I reckon.

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