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Sunday, 10 July 2011

So... yeah...

Knowing LesMisGuy (even as little as I do) I had to wonder, how could he possibly not have a girlfriend? And then these pictures show up in facebook, you know? And now I'm wondering, how could I possibly believe he didn't have a girlfriend? Why, of course he does! Sheesh!... No, it's not official. Yes, I'm just reading this from pictures of him. Two pictures of him, to be exact. With his arm around a girl. And they're just the tiniest bit flushed. I figure that's couples' behaviour. I figure they're together. Forget about how sore I am from my attempts at riding a bike up a rocky hill though I never exercise. Forget about how annoyed I am by MusicGuy and his lame attempts at spending time with me. LesMisGuy's. fucking. taken. Now, could I please give it a rest and stop thinking about him? Why the fuck was I thinking about telling him "today's walk/bike ride would've been good for you"? Because he mentioned being told nature's good for him, or whatever. And I was being thoughtful. And I have a ridiculous crush.

Aaand yes, I do realise I'm being dramatic. I also realise it only makes perfect sense and Occam's Razor beats the crap out of my lack of evidence. So there.

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