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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Crazy... three times in a row...

I think it's safe to say I miss SmTn. I'm afraid it's also safe to say this thing with him is over, or very soon will be. Which is to say, I miss hearing from him, and I realise I may never hear from him again.

I had a dream about him again last night. In this dream the town festivities we were in took place near campus, and I remember walking around with other people through the crowded streets, hoping to meet him (much like on Friday when I even braided my hair and wore minimal amounts of makeup on the event that he might be there... I'm pathetic). I don't think I found him in my dream, though. Something must've happened.

I had several other dreams last night... One I can't shake the memory of involved MusicGuy and/or BGuy. For some reason, we sneaked off and I have him a hand job. I don't know why I did it either, but I know it was unimportant enough that I considered stopping before he came. He complimented my technique (that might've been BGuy). When he came, it was MusicGuy and I just felt very uncomfortable being there.

In my dream I remembered another dream involving my cousins, the twins. In it I told my aunt how I'd seen them in a jail, but in my dream they'd been to a jail because they were sick, and to me hospitals are like jails. She was very worried. While I told her all this we rode a bus with several other family members. Also in the bus, my dad had white hair and a hideous combover.

There was yet another dream concerning a jail, but in this other one I was trying to help some girl escape from a cell. The guard, a little man (or perhaps even a Harry Potter goblin) dropped the keys on the floor, taunting her. I took a chance and kicked them under her cell. When she was about to come out all hell broke lose and lots of people came from all over to try and stop her.

... I can't seem to remember anything more. I suppose I'll just edit the post if I do remember.

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