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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Officially a vain coward

Didn't have the guts to ask LesMisGuy out. My face is still acting up on me. I could care less if I could somehow conceal it with foundation, but it's pretty bad. Also? The pimples between my eyes, just above my nose, make me look like I have a unibrow. Hideous! I know, it's all about vanity, I know he's supposed to like for who I am or whatever. I can't do it, though. I feel insecure, and it doesn't exactly work wonders to make me feel courageous enough to ask him out. I'll feel self-conscious and it can't go well if I do. Fuck the goddamned hormones. Fuck my paarents' paranoia and unwillingness to buy the birth control pills. It's been two months already and it's not getting any fucking better. Might have to schedule an appointment to get my first ever facial cleansing in a salon, when I go to get a haircut. Fuck. You know what's also pissing me off? He could at the very least be online. We could at the very least chat, every so often. That way it won't be so ridiculously weird to see him next semester. If I see him at all, which I might just not.

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