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Monday, 6 June 2011


Nothing much is new around here, except I pulled off a pretty decent smoky eye with the black/gold eyeshadow we bought at the design fair. Turns out I do need a decent blending brush to nail it, but I'm still quite proud of my results. EBF's got me a tiny bit worried, always drunk and/or high when I attempt talking to him. I tried it this morning to see if it would be too stalker-ish to try and text LesMisGuy out of the blue. He's only just now saying he's sorry about this morning. Right. Not stalker-ish to send a friendly "what's up?" he says. I'll try and make sure I do send it. On other news, I had a dream about my little one again last night. Took a bit to realise she's not really alive in my dream. I was just sort of counting on being able to have her around to keep me company and then it hit me that it wasn't really possible. More news? I might be going out with AOB and his doctors-to-be friends on Friday. That should be fun, actually. If I manage, I'll try and go buy some matte eyeshadows sometime during the week. Also, I'll be cooking red curry trout. In the latest repertoire we'll find danish cookies, tiramisu, and one kick-ass passion fruit, ginger, cilatro, spearmint, chilli and black sesame sauce. It seems mum and an aunt of my cousins will be hooking me up to teach teenagers how to cook. I'll probably have to come up with a decent menu and a way to calculate prices.

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