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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Last night's dreams

Oh boy... it was madness. I'm not sure I'll remember everything, but I'll try and get as much of it down as I can.

There was a dream where we were getting a dog. We, in this case, included some very young girls. I'd chosen a dog that looked a bit like a street dog. No particular breed. Just larger than the average medium sized dog, short hair, blond, long ears, medium length tail. It was not a puppy. He didn't look very good. In fact, the sides of his mouth bled a little, and he had square holes in his skin on his sides and his back. Badly hurt. To me it meant he needed to be taken care of. To me, even though I wasn't eager to get a new dog and wasn't particularly fond of this one, he didn't deserve to be rejected. He deserved to be pampered back to health and given a chance to be happy. Not sure what happened with him.

There was another dream that involved nested dreams. In this dream I'd had a dream about a natural disaster and about huge (acromantula huge) spiders. The spiders had a fairly shiny exoskeleton, with tiny hairs and yellow bits. For some reason, D and others had been involved in the natural disaster, or with the spiders, and they'd had dreams about the other thing as well. I was supposed to talk to him. I don't believe I did. I'm not sure what he was doing in my dream, to be honest. Don't know what happened here.

There was also a bizarre dream that took place in an empty factory. There was someone who had to be saved, and all I remember is hiding after running away from a few guards and a door opening. I was sure they'd found me and whomever I was protecting, but it was an old lady and someone else, and they helped us out.

There's this last dream that probably deserves a censored label. You've been warned. It involved a couple at the beach. She wanted to have sex with him, but the kids got in the way. Next thing you know, she's trying to explain a handjob as anything but, and the little girl's helping her. Twisted. Very sick. Some black man saw them, and the dad did something to him so he wouldn't speak. Again, twisted. Sick. Yeah. Not sure what that dream was doing there. Then again I'm not sure what any of the dreams there are supposed to mean, if anything at all. And here I was thinking I just might dream about LesMisGuy...

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