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Saturday, 11 June 2011

I can do social gatherings, hurray!

So, I got back a while ago from a reunion chez AOB's friend. It was nice. I talked to EBF before I got ready, to make sure it was ok to bring chips and beer even though AOB insisted I didn't. I didn't manage to, in the end, because I was running late to meet AOB to go there and then he said we had no time to go buy it (though we waited around a good while to get a taxi to drive us there). We played twister and dancing games on the nintendo Wii, we played a drinking game, ate, played UNO and in the end I sat on a couch with AOB and talked for a couple of hours. If AOB's not sweet then I don't know who is, or what he is, because he kept saying it was ok if I didn't drink, and made sure my drinks were very light on the alcohol. To be honest, even though I had more alcohol today than I ever have, I'm quite alright, and except for the feeling of warmth in my ears and an inexplicable raspy voice that came only after drinking, I'm experiencing none of the usual side effects. When I got back and logged in again on messenger EBF asked how it went, which I'll admit was nice of him. Not that the conversation's going anywhere now, but I'll take a nice gesture for what it was, as well as my well-earned social skills points for at least trying to play the silly dancing, drinking and card games with AOB's friends.

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