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Monday, 6 June 2011

Gay wedding

I had a very peculiar dream about a wedding last night. I got there by accident, sort of. I got to a parking lot outside a church and noticed lots of people in cars, some waiting, all dressed up. One of them was the professor who taught my students, who in my dream was some kind of famous actor and I remembered him from school1. I gathered that the people there were famous people from the UK and that I knew the marrying couple. When they all got out I made out two handsome young men, surfers wearing nothing but beach shorts. I figured it was them who got married and was incredibly happy for them. I'm a sucker for gay weddings, and gay couples, it would seem. The girls from Sex and the City were there and Samantha was quite shameless about the way she butted into the brunch reunion to offer the bride (later it turned out there was a bride and groom) her services in case the groom cheated on her and there was some scandal. Also somewhere in my dream, some people had come over to the house, including A. And for a reason I can't remember, I was to kiss her (on the lips), risking her misunderstanding, and it was important that I do so even though it meant nothing to me. Very odd.

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