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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dinosaurs, still there

I had a few crazy dreams last night. Not much of them to remember, though. I've neglected to write them down early, so here goes.

In one dream I was sometimes Sheldon, sometimes Rajesh, at a natural park. I hung from a moving train that shot through the air to a sort of camp. There was a big lake and there were dinosaurs there. In the lake, several giant relatives of whales and sharks. Not sure there were many more to be seen on the land. Also, I remember very large screens.

In another dream I was in a large church or cafeteria. Mostly made of wood. It was very crowded, people even gathered outside, but there was a section of chairs available. I was there with A, and we went outside to try and find D, ask him to come sit with us by the available chairs. Lots of people from school1, not sure if there were any from school2. We found D with some friends of his. A did the talking. He wasn't interested. I was particularly indifferent.

In yet another dream I was with girls from school1, and we'd been given the task of building a raft. Don't ask me why, but it was made of two layers of logs, one layer with logs perpendicular to those of the other, the layers stuck together with velcro. I mentioned how the task at hand had us learning all sorts of things, including how to varnish wood.

Then there's a dream where I was with A or N1, who'd been given the task of picking up toothpicks by the sea shore. There were quite a few painting pencils there too, for good measure. Whatever the case, they're both pretty much useless, which is to say, I know I'm a failure at maths but I can do quite a lot of things when you think of it. They couldn't pick up pieces of wood. So, next thing you know, I'm picking it up for them and doing the math of how much they'll be paid per toothpick. Oddly enough I ended up picking up chopsticks too, as well as trying to hold back the paintbrushes, not letting the tide take them away, fearing some had already been lost.

The last dream I remember is one where aliens, human-looking aliens, gathered a bunch of people from school1 and school2 and ordered us around. In particular, they had us gathering stuff and then rounded us up for more orders. They wanted to watch us giving each other blow jobs (with condoms of several different colours), and then there something about two girls (one of them being me) in very kinky black full-body suits in stiff position in the ceiling. Not sure how that turned out. Also in that dream a bus full of people from school1 and school2, and a young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Some man got on the bus asking for money, so next thing you know the young man is pretending to be blind to get some money too. As soon as he was done he got out of the bus, about a third of the way from university here. Odd.

I can only attempt to explain this last alien dream with something quite unexplainable. Yesterday night I had this very peculiar urge to give a blow job. Not sure why. I just wanted to give a blow job, relished the feeling on my lips. So strange...

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