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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Car crash, hurt dog

I had this dream last night that took place in Ctg, only it wasn't really Ctg and we could easily get back here. Here's the thing, a few of the girls I used to hang out with were with me and A somewhere on the way to school, and there was some sort of competition going on. We had to get some place else, heading back to the city, as soon as possible. I was in a car with A and she was driving, rather recklessly, I might add. She was all about getting ahead of the others, making way for her car where there was none. After a while, it resulted in her hitting her car against the one N1 and Tz were in. Nothing too bad, except for a scare. Only she kept on driving recklessly, until she hit them again in the rear, this time denting the trunk fairly badly. We kept on driving, no waiting for policemen or filing for the insurance. Next thing you know, A hit the other car again, this time so bad the other car actually turned counterclockwise, give or take 60º. It was bad. And yet it was as if nothing had happened. One of the cars was red, for what it's worth.

We had to get someplace downtown here, some reunion. It was about 3am and A suggested I call over Q in case he'd like to come along. I said we could wait until we were there and he'd be close by anyway. We made a quick stop by the place I lived in by the sea. Got the doorman to open for us and drove a little. In my dream, there were underground floors and an underground parking lot. We asked permission to go into someone's house, though just the cleaning lady and a dog were there. I noticed the dog, a male white poodle with silly clothes and bows called JC (just like my cousin's third son). I petted it, and thought it was a sweet dog. I called it to me so it would stay out of the way for a car to park. I noticed it had a limp. Its right hind leg was hurt. When the owner arrived, some woman looking not too happy to find strangers in her house, I tried to make a point of the dog's hurt leg. She didn't care. I felt bad for the dog, that its owners didn't care about him.

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