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Saturday, 11 June 2011


I've been falling asleep around 5am these days, waking up around 2pm, whatever I do. I had one dream where the neighbourhood was a part of campus and I came with Q. I had to run an errand but left him here to visit while I went and asked around what I had to do. We talked a little and I ended up venting, telling him my mum was turning me into part of the bourgeoisie, what with the classes on how to make my CV and how to pass silly tests and interviews. Such nonsense, eh?

Then there was another dream where there were very tall buildings and moving bridges around campus, which was somehow very close to a cemetery. There were people in suits looking for students accused of causing some sort of mayhem. A knew some of them from school1, a year ahead of us. I just remember clinging to the rail on part of the bridge, not all of it had a rail (it was quite wide), trying hard not to focus on what lay down. I remembered my fear of heights and the hideous sense of vertigo. Very unnerving.

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