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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Take them away

Take away my social skills points. Write me a note saying how many I'm owing now. I'm such a dork! I noticed LesMisGuy got online. I stared at his name on the screen for a few minutes and opened a window and typed "hey, how are you?". Then I debated about whether or not to actually send the message, until I tapped my finger on the enter key as I listened to glee and sent the message without really intending to. He said "good, and you?". I tried to crack a joke about the end of the world. Silence for a while. It seems he's just answered. He's playing along. Maybe I didn't completely fuck up.

To your senses, woman! It should be ok to talk to him. Even just to chitchat. Especially to chitchat, if I'm ever to talk about anything other than maths with him. Here's hoping I don't fuck up and the conversation turns out to be a nice one.



Don't take them all away. We're actually having a conversation. A nice, funny one. AWESOMENESS!

And, just like that, it's over. He's off to take a nap. Oh well... it was nice while it lasted.

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